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Welcome to Make Engineering

The company's operations involve the research, development, production, operation and marketing of a complete family of MAKE-branded Products used in government and commercial applications.
 The expertise itself is closely associated with various company initiatives designed to capitalize on the most recent technical advances. The key to our success has been to identify the best individual talent in engineering, blend and equip them with tools required, and then provide for complete creative freedom so they may arrive at an optimum solution in short order.

Our Clients

  • Perfect Circle India LTD.
  • Master Mines & Agro India LTD.
  • Indian security Press
  • Shree Rubber Rollers
  • RC Fertilizers
  •   and many mores ....

Our Products

  • Turn Components
  • Rubber Rollers
  • Stone Crusher's Machine Parts
  • Nuts & Bolts Manufacturers
  • Special Purpose Horizontal
    Boaring Machinig Specialist
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